Getting up to Speed

Whew!!  What a busy couple of months.

Let’s see.  We moved from a small home in a country subdivision to an old farmhouse on 6 acres.  Our only “pets” were 2 ferrets and a house bunny.  Now we have 16 ducks, 13 chickens, 6 guineas, and a Great Pyrenees added to the bunch.  And NO experience.  Lots of good advice from neighbors and plenty of books, but it isn’t the same as actually doing.  It’s kind of ironic that we were looking for a simple way of living; we just wanted simple but here we are doing more now than we ever did!  We were looking to downsize but boy have we upgraded!!  We just didn’t know it at the time.

Anyway, I’m here to fill you in on all of our adventures!  And that’s what life is… one adventure after another.  Not all of them good, but every one a new learning experience.

So, what have we done?  We watched our baby ducks turn into BIG ducks (who knew?!) and the guinea keets get bigger and balder (not so crazy about the bald thing, but you always think your children are beautiful).  The first order of business was to update the chicken coop and expand it a bit.  We were gifted one hen when we moved in (Henrietta, the only chicken with a name) but then after a week (really, one week) of living here, we ended up with a dozen more!  Bring on the eggs, baby!!!  We can so do this!


I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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