It’s a good thing ducks don’t wear diapers.

Yippee!!!  The babies started hatching this morning!  Yesterday we were discussing whether we needed to scoot Momma off her nest to check on the eggs and wahlah! the babies were peaking out of the nest this morning!  I was getting worried that Momma was sitting on a nest of duds and would starve herself to death waiting for them to hatch.  Such a dedicated duck.  Not sure if I would starve myself for my kids, luckily I haven’t had that challenge presented to me.  “Oh yeah, that Mom ate the last chocolate bar while her kids starved to death.” Okay, okay… I’m just kidding!  I would break that chocolate bar into 3 pieces and share!  Of course I would have the biggest piece. 

I have learned to ALWAYS mark the calendar when a duck (or goose for that matter) starts incubating her eggs.  You think that you’ll remember (how could you forget your first nesting duck?) but trust me, you won’t.  So, I wrote down the babies birth date first thing. I won’t make that mistake again!Muscovy ducklings We have three babies that we know of.  We’re waiting to see if more happen to hatch.  Momma has 2 Muscovy babies and a Pekin baby.  When she started getting all broody we decided to put a couple of Pekin eggs in with her to try and hatch some of our other ducks.  At that time we didn’t have any broody Pekins.  Now we have a couple of broody hens and another Muscovy that has planted herself in the Pekin box with a big clutch of eggs.  I’ll try not to worry about having too many babies.  Out of a clutch of 18, only 3 have hatched so far.  Remind me that I said that after the next 4 nests start hatching.  Oh, and let’s not forget the goose nest.  She started incubating her eggs shortly after Momma Muscovy did.  Any day now on her babies!

Our farm has expanded on the chicken front too.  We just added 9 hens and a rooster.  Now we have a total of 23 chickens.    They’re an eclectiRooster and Chickensc bunch – some Barred Rocks, Golden Comets, New Hampshire Reds, Easter Eggers, and Rhode Island Reds.  They are all good girls (and a boy) and produce a lot of eggs for us.  Nothing says you are living on a farm like having a rooster crow at 5:30 in the morning!  His name is Buck.  Not at all mean and nasty like I’ve heard that some roosters (boys) can be.  So far so good!  Aaawww!  Maybe we’ll have little baby chickens!  Great.  You’ll read about the crazy lady in the newspaper that has been hoarding duck, goose, and chicken babies.  That’ll be me. Hand-feeding Chickens Can’t help it – they’re too cute!  And I never knew how friendly chickens can be.   Just ask Lexie.  She goes out to the pasture and all the chickens come running like they are so happy to see her!  Of course she spends all her free time sitting out there and hand feeding them. I think that I’ll start bribing the animals too.  I’ll exert my pecking order.  Yep.  Just kidding!  Our poultry is friendly and happy to see all of us. 

                                                                                                                                                     Except for when you take eggs out of their nests.  Muscovy Duck Poor Molly about had a fit when I emptied her nest.  Sorry girl, but we already have too many Muscovy nests for now!  Maybe we’ll let her hatch a brood later this year.  See?  Here I go again with the babies!  I seem to forget that the kids both have babies coming for 4H next month!

Speaking of babies… our wild Canadian goose babies are all hatched and growing up just fine.  Like we really had anything to do with it!  There are 2 families and 6 babies.  They spend their time in the pond and sometimes wander up into the back yard.  They go right up to the pasture and you have to wonder if they are talking to our geese.Canadian Geese and Babies  

Like “Hey, come on out and play with us!”

“Sorry, I can’t today.  I’m on baby watch.”

And so am I.  Let the baby circus begin.


Spring is the time for …. roadkill???

I’m starting to realize that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  My to-do list keeps creeping onto new pages and I feel like I’m falling behind.  Maybe I spend too much time enjoying my surroundings and all the changes that are taking place.  It seems like the trees turned green overnight, the yard filled with bright yellow dandelions, and summer heat came upon us all at once.  The changing of the seasons goes by way too fast.

We spent the past week getting the garden ready to plant.  Yes, I know it should be done already and things like sweet peas, spinach, radishes, and herbs should be in the soil and ready for early harvest.  See what I mean by falling behind?  But we are plugging along.  Maybe we won’t have 3 different crop rotations this year but the harvest that we do get will be sufficient.  Todd and Nik were out with the tillers prepping the soil.gardening with ducks  I don’t know how they managed to get the work done with all the ducks and chickens staying close by to get all the bugs being tilled up!  Usually they were right underfoot.  Even the Pekins who usually like to keep their distance!  I should have gotten a picture when they had both tillers going at once.  Luckily no birds were harmed in the process!  One more tilling and we should be good to go!  We did manage to start 4 trays of seeds in the garage.  Everything else can be direct sowed in the next 2 weeks. 

We are still waiting patiently for our babies to be born.  Jill has been on her nest consistently for a while now.  Jack mopes around the yard like a lost little puppy.  He has become quite friendly with us.friendly goose  We can hand-feed him and one time he even tried to climb on Nik’s lap and give him a hug!  But when Jill comes out for a drink and honks for Jack, you better watch out!  He opens his wings and runs as fast as he can honking all the way to get to her!  It’s so sweet to watch.  There are 3 Muscovy nests and another Muscovy/Pekin nest.  It’s full of Pekin eggs but one of the female Muscovies found the nest and added a few of her own to it and decided to stay.  In another month we will have more babies than we know what to do with.  Oh, let’s not forget the 2Canadian goose with babies0 chicks and 8 ducklings coming for the kid’s 4-H projects.  One nest of babies that we don’t have to worry about is Mama Canadian Goose.  She hatched her eggs a few days ago and the goslings are off exploring already.  So many babies, so little time.

My husband has a project that I refuse to be involved with.  Feeding the bass in our pond.  Now, if his idea of feeding the fish was tossing in some fish food, I’d be all good.  But no.  He built a screened box and posted it in the pond.  So far so good.  But then Nik and him went and scraped dead animals off the road  (GROSS!!!) to lay on tracoon and groundhoghe screen and wait for the flies to lay maggots on it.   Then the maggots fall through the screen and feed the fish.  Yep.  They lost me at the roadkill part.  I must say that it is a good idea if you can get past the seriously gross part.  Maybe I’m just a wimp.  Or maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t lost their mind yet!  I’ll let you know when I get back in from fishing.  I hear the bass are biting like crazy!!