Blowing the Dust Off

I can’t believe over 2 years has passed since I last peeked into this little blog of mine.  Feels like it’s only been a few months at most!  I would love to say it’s because I have been soooo busy with really important things but the truth is that I just kind of let it go.  Not that we don’t have things going on.  We do.  But this is one of those things that didn’t take an important part in my day to day.  It was always in the back of my mind (like, oh, that would make a great post on my blog… I need to get pictures!) but I pushed it away and focused on other things.  Besides, I always felt a twinge of anxiety and a bundle of nerves every time I posted.  Sometimes people actually read  this thing.  Egads!!!  I am so not an extrovert and I get some serious panic attacks when I push myself past my teensy little comfort zone.  But, at the prodding of an unnamed source, I am back.  Let’s do this.

What, you ask, have we been up to these past days?

Well, we moved.  AGAIN.  Yes, I know.  I think we may be chronic movers.  Instead of cleaning the house or making repairs it’s much easier to move somewhere new and have a fresh start!  But seriously, we were wanting to make permanent roots and have a place all our own.  So last year in April we bought a house on 6 acres with lots of trees and a creek and a barn.  And lots and lots of work.  Why didn’t someone tell me that eventually all these trees lose their leaves and need to be raked up?


And to boot, now there are only 3 of us to do the raking.  Nik has flown the coop!  Yep, I am on the verge of facing the dreaded empty nest syndrome.  I have been assured that my youngest will be around for the next year or so while she finishes up her last year of high school and decides where she wants to go from here.  But it is coming.  Oh yes, that day will be here before we know it.  Nik is now living and working in Arizona.  He always said that he wanted to go out west and sure enough he did!  High fives all around!

Our story will now focus on the trials and tribulations of life on our little farm (ducks, geese, and one hunky turkey left, oh and don’t forget the bees!) and follow updates to the house as we plan our next 3 year move.  Come on, I told you we had chronic movers syndrome!  And I will still have recipes, crafts, and who knows what else.  All I know is that I need to focus on something because I am slowly becoming less needed by my kids (they’re not so little anymore) and I have more time on my hands.  I’ve got to do something to keep myself out of trouble!