About Us

I figured that I could start this blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends and to let everybody know what we are up to.  I am notorious for getting distracted with life and not touching base with people like I should.  We just moved to a 6 acre “mini farm”.  Now, we spent the last 3 years preparing for farm life.  We read books and watched documentaries.  Talked and discussed.  Planned and prepped.  Or so we thought.  Let’s just say that we are doing a lot of on-the-job training!  I have a new respect for actual farmers (remember – this is a “mini farm”!).  One thing that I know for sure it that at the end of the day (9 pm) I crawl into bed and sleep like a baby!  Ditto for the rest of the clan.  Actually, Lexie can be found in bed by 8 some nights!!

So… we are here trying to become more self-sufficient; being prepared for whatever life throws at us.  Simple living.  Raising animals for eggs and meat, growing and preserving our own food, knitting, quilting, making soap and other products, and trying to get back to the basics are our goals for the coming year.  Ideally our little farm will be able to sustain us and everything can come full circle.  Like if we get bees, the bees will pollinate crops and produce honey and beeswax.  The bees will be happy and we will have food and possibly income from selling honey and bee products.  Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s how it will work!  Nik says that the bees will create more biodiversity in the local environment.  Ya gotta love kids!  No, we haven’t done all this before and don’t really know what we are doing, but we’ll learn.  Experientia docet.  Experience teaches.  Have I mentioned that the kids have been taking Latin?!

I’ll probably be throwing in a few recipes here and there because I love to bake!  Keep in mind that they will all be gluten free, because that’s what we are!  And no, it’s not because it’s the latest fad diet.  We have issues with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.  I could go on about what happens when we eat gluten, but it ain’t pretty!!

So, be patient with me.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will this blog be!  Trust me, I will be posting to this more often than you get a phone call from me though!  Assuming that I even know your phone number.  Sorry, it’s a character flaw.  One of many.  You’ll get used to them.  My little clan has!  Which by the way consists of myself, my hubby, and my 2 kids.  They’re so lucky to have me.  (Hey, it’s my blog.  I can write whatever I want and put thoughts in their minds and they can’t do anything about it!)





6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. How wonderful to hear from you this way!! Have you tried BAKED oatmeal? It is delicious!! It is good hot or cold with milk. I love you all!! Grammy

    • We LOVE baked oatmeal – so easy and yummy, especially with blueberries baked in! I was going to put the recipe up but I didn’t have a picture, guess this gives me a good reason to bake some this weekend! Love you back Grammy!

  2. This is AWESOME!! I am so glad that SOMEONE (Thanks Ginger!) let me know about this Blog!!! Very proud (and jealous!) of your hard work and all that you have and will accomplish. Keep us informed on your “simple life” and know that you have some love coming from the deep South!!

  3. This is a wonderful blog. I am very proud of all of you and the hard work that you have been doing. Wish I could do the same. I wouldn’t be able to last the day!

    • Thank you! That means so much to us! But I’m quite sure that you could teach us a thing or two… homemade spinning wheel, how to spin your own yarn, papermaking… I could go on!

  4. Hello from West Virginia!!! Love your blog. We are basically doing the same thing. I have never been so relaxed and stress-free as I am now living on our little farm. It’s alot of work but fulfilling work. It’s great to be able to go back to a simple way of life.

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