Good Luck Penny

Geez.  We had a really bad night yesterday.  We lost our precious Penny.  She was my favorite ferret.  Todd brought her home for me 4 years ago for Christmas.  She was a feisty little kit that loved to nip and play.  Her favorite thing to do was to steal pens out of my purse and hide them.  And to steal decorations off of the Christmas tree.    She loved to sit on your lap and drink tea from your013 cup.  We didn’t get to say good-bye.  Her death was totally unexpected.  She was our youngest.  She was supposed to be the last ferret standing.  I was going to get her a little skunk to play with when all the others had gone.  Now we are left with Jerry – the oldest and first ferret that we got.  Jerry is Todd’s favorite.  They have a love/hate relationship – Jerry loves to chew on Todd’s foot!  Jerry lost his brother Tom last year.  I know ferrets don’t do well all alone.  I hope that we are enough for him and he doesn’t succumb to the sadness ferrets get that I have read about.   Only time will tell.   We will miss our little good luck Penny.

Rest In Peace

Our day didn’t start out all bad.  Todd kept busy chopping all the wood that the tree trimmers left for us.  I’d say that we will have enough wood for this year and next. image Nothing like a warm roaring fire to take the chill out of the day.  We have wood stacked down on the front porch, on the side porch, in the yard, and a supply near the wood burner. And lots more to chop and split yet.  Yep, take that gas company!!!  We have all gotten pretty good at handling an axe and chopping wood.  We leave the chain-sawing to the big guy though.  I’m content to haul the logs.  I enjoy having all my limbs, thank you very much!

Lexie and I spent the afternoon making feather earrings.  She had seen a pair on Good003 Luck Charlie and wanted to buy some.  Lucky us!  We have a ton of chicken, duck, and guinea feathers that we can use to make our own!  And it’s much more fun than plopping    down a few dollars at the store for them.  We made a bunch of different combinations.  I think they turned out pretty well if you ask me.  I even made a pair for myself.  When you wear them, they are as light as a feather!!

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Here’s hoping that there are no more bad surprises before Christmas.  It’s a little hard to look forward to all the festivities when you have such a heavy heart.